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How do I handle food storage and prevent food spoilage?

Running a food truck business is not just about cooking up a storm, it’s also about storing your ingredients right and preventing food spoilage. Here’s a 10- point guide to help you keep your food fresh and your food truck business booming:

Chill Out

Keep your refrigeration units at the right temperature. Too warm and your food spoils, too cold and you’re freezing your profits away.

Avoid the Mix-Up

 Store different types of food separately to prevent cross-contamination. Your veggies and meats shouldn’t be roommates.

First In, First Out

Use the FIFO method – First In, First Out. This ensures that older stock is used before newer stock, reducing waste.

Keep it Clean

 Regularly clean your storage areas. A clean food truck is a happy food truck.

Seal the Deal

Make sure all food is stored in sealed containers. This keeps pests out and freshness in.

Check the Dates

Regularly check the expiry dates of your ingredients. If it’s past its prime, it’s time to say goodbye.

Stay Dry

Keep your dry storage area dry. Moisture can lead to mold and spoilage.

Don’t Overstock

Overstocking can lead to food spoilage. Buy only what you need for your food truck business.

Keep it Cool

Transport your food in refrigerated vehicles. This keeps your food fresh until it reaches your food truck.

Train Your Team

Train your team on proper food storage practices. A well-trained team is your best defense against food spoilage.

Remember, in the food truck business, fresh food is key. Follow these tips and your customers will keep coming back for more.

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