Meet the team

Bringing imagination to life
Rajiv Jeyachandra

Whisking pixels into parfaits and players into loyal food truck patrons, He’s a game designer, comic creator, and user recruiter at Foodogeki. At heart, a food truck romantic, film noir aficionado, soundtrack savant, and indie game enthusiast.

Thangaraj K

Master of code and conqueror of bugs. Coding connoisseur by day, culinary maestro by night, whipping up delightful games at Foodogeki, and tantalizing dishes in his kitchen. When not in coding or cooking mode, he’s lost in the magical world of movies


A maestro in transforming pixels to Panini projection, he designs 3D food trucks and characters and is the driving force behind the culinary carnivals in Foodogeki. When not crafting digital realities, he can be discovered enchanting the universe with his melodies on SoundCloud.


The master of melody, the architect of acoustics, and the maestro of mobile game soundtracks, he expertly cooks up the irresistible auditory feast for Foodogeki's food truck faceoff. He spices up digital dining one note at a time.

Pasquale Larosa

Drawing inspiration from the unique charisma of Italy and the magnetic attraction of London, he crafts immersive 3D spaces for Foodogeki. The driving force behind his work is the pursuit of creating environments where the culinary delights of lasagna and fish & chips can coexist in perfect harmony

Sophia Fisher

She’s the enchanting UX wizard behind Foodogeki's mobile and web apps, striking the perfect blend of smart and artsy. By day, she crafts intuitive interfaces; by night, she serenades mountains with her cello tunes.


He whisks polygons into flavorful 3D models, embodying the role of an indie artist with Foodogeki. His passion lies in transforming app-étit into a gamified gastronomy. When life throws pixels at him, he responds by creating digital food trucks.

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